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The Cooperation program brings together three territories: Erdre and Gesvres (Pays de la Loire - Loire Atlantique), Sud Lozère (Occitanie - Lozère), Témiscamingue (Quebec - Abitibi-Témiscamingue).


In this program, two objectives have been identified:

  • Share methods of anticipating activities and skills

  • Be inspired by innovative actions for each territory


A timetable was proposed at the start of the program. Certain elements are likely to change depending on:

  • End of August 2019: Visit to Figeac territory (Lot)

  • End of October 2019: Visit to Témiscamingue territory (Quebec)

  • Mid September 2020: Visit in Erdre and Gesvres and in the Cevennes

  • May 2021: Closing seminar in the Cevennes


COVID 19 and travel restrictions have delayed the schedule ... 

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