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Welcome to the website dedicated to the Leader Territorial Strategic Prospective Cooperation program

                  2019 to 2021

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05 oct 2023

This program brings together 3 territories that will work together for 3 years.  


South Lozère, Erdre and Gesvres and Témiscamingue share the same problem of rural attractiveness in various contexts. Each of these territories seeks to improve its attractiveness, namely its service offering to populations and businesses by relying on its own identity and local resources.


To move forward on this issue, these 3 territories have embarked on a strategic foresight approach, aimed at questioning the challenges of the territory and potential futures.

The action is part of a frame of reference built by Giang PHAM, drawing inspiration from the tools of the CNAM and Futuribles, which in particular articulate anticipation, action and appropriation: "good forecasting is not good forecasting. which comes true but the one which leads to action ”Michel Godet, the shock of 2006.

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